Monday, August 11, 2003

sorry long time nv update. kinda of buzy nowdays. after tht day when debbie was being suan... we manage to like get kinda of close to them! ^_^ omg i nv manange to talk to boon kiat i was kinda of shy >.,< i was terribly excitied oh man... i was feeling hot and heart beat none stop woohoo omg haha... but in the end we did nothing... sad isn't it? i dunno i feel relieve or sad? but manage to get to know tht my chance of getting near him is not too far... =)

Saturday, August 02, 2003

Today school's sports day sia…melvin running lehz. He injured his leg still running… me n debbie both so heartbroken… today wake up at 6.45am then took cab to wdlands stadium wah lau ex sia.. $6+. Waste my money or else can buy jays new album liao…haix. Reach there liao.. saw debbie walk in 2gether wit her. Nv see boon kiat they all until caiying tell me they come liao. Haix dunno y nowdays me c boon kiat like no feeling to him liao. But I still love him. Until when I saw how ping ming melvin run dunnno y I suddenly like got some feelings for him. Maybe I start to like him or wad lor but I dunno lehz. Among F4 his the most friendly 1 his attitude the best although he may not look as good as boon kiat but he hv a nice heart…wah lau boon kiat they all 2day v bad lehz melvin alrdy injured his leg liao nv go visit him go find the act cool buay cool de stupid edwin! I hate him man! Dunno y boon kiat want to let him in the F4 but no matter wad melvin will always be one of the f4s in my heart. No one could ever takes his place. F4 means boon kiat, soon leong, willey n melvin. No one could ever take their places in my heart. That stupid edwin dun ever dream tht u could take melvin’s place! Liew~ 2day melvin actually can win the 100m 1 wad he injured his leg thts y cannot run too fast.. sad lehx =( I nearly cry for him… also v funny 2day debbie go dare caiying go take melvins number .. haha at 1st he thght was me who wan caiying to ask haha… it wasn’t me too bad. then really got his number lehz. Caiying u really damn bravo haha. after that me caiying lifen and liping went causeway point for lunch, eat until so full sia... then went library there.
then very funny caiying liping all sleep at the carpet there (-_-"). buay ta han them sia. haix went home abt 3+. so tired want to sleep zZZZzzzzZZ. sianzZ i miss melvin lehx dunno wad to do...[having love sick (>.<")] also dunno who to love... boon kiat??? or melvin??? (-_-")

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